What does a website cost is a commonly asked question, and the answer depends on both size and complexity. Our price list below is an approximate indication of what a website costs and what is included.

As a customer with us, you get much more than just an updated look. We devote a great focus on meeting the requirements of a modern website, from technical optimization to user-friendly design. We take you all the way from the first sketch to a new website both quickly and cost-efficient.

What you get as a customer with us

Landing page


Technical Maintenance:

110 USD/mo

6 page website


Technical Maintenance:

110 USD/mo

Webshop & E-com


Technical Maintenance:

110 USD/mo


Maintenance package

After the new site is published, we recommend you to subscribe to our Technical Maintenance package. If so, you don’t have to spend time constantly monitoring and updating the website to keep it safe from viruses and various types of attacks.

Why is Maintenance needed?

To keep your website secure and ensure that it works properly, it needs to be maintained, monitored, and updated regularly.

The publishing system (WordPress), themes, and all installed plugins constantly launch new updates to more secure versions. If you don’t update these, the website won’t have the highest possible functionality or security and is more easily exposed to hacker- and virus attacks. If the website gets attacked sensitive information can end up in the wrong hands and the website can even crash without the possibility to restore it.

However, it is always a critical step to perform the updates and it needs to be done with the utmost care, timing and research. Some updates may crash the site if you don’t know what you are doing.

Technical Maintenance

110 USD/mo

Daily backup of your website

If something should happen to your website, we can quickly and easily restore to the latest version.

Continuous updates

The CMS platform (WordPress), themes, and plugins (incl. premium licenses) are updated regularly to ensure that the site is secure and functioning properly.

Security & Malware scanning

We scan your website daily for malware and other vulnerabilities. Should anything be discovered, it’s reported to us so we can look into the problem.

Uptime monitoring

We monitor your server’s uptime and will be notified right away if your website is down.

No commitment period

The package runs monthly and is paid in advance. If you wish to cancel it, it can be done until the last day of the month and then ceases to apply on the same day.


How long does it take to build a website?

From when the agreement is signed and we have received all the necessary information and content from you, a normal sized website (5- 10 pages) is expected to be ready within 4 weeks. Really content-heavy sites will take longer.

What is the process if we already have a website?

Redesigning your website should not be troublesome or time-consuming for you. So we use the information available on your existing website (if nothing else is discussed) and build a new improved version on our servers. When the new site is ready, we will just point your domain to the new site.

What do we need to provide?

It’s mainly your logins to your current hosting, as well as current website that you need to provide to us before we will start working on the new website.

If you also have specific content and information related to your brand’s visual identity, you need to send that as well. It could be your logo, licensed fonts, or images (high-resolution).

Can I edit the website myself?

Yes, you will be able to make simpler edits on your website yourself. It’s included a basic education of the design tool so you will be able to change texts and images if necessary.

What happens after the website is published?

After the new site is published, we recommend subscribing to our Technical Maintenance package to ensure that the website is taken care of in the best way. If subscribing you don’t have to deal with the continuous software updates, daily backups, site security, virus attacks, and other factors that can cause your website to stop working.

What do I do if my new website stops working or a problem occurs?

Provided that you have subscribed to our Technical Maintenance package, it is us you turn to when problems occurs with your website.

We then investigate the nature of the problem and whether it is something that your hosting needs to solve or if it is something that covers our area of responsibility.

If you’re not on our Technical Maintenance subscription we are of course happy to help for a cost of USD 135/ hour.

Do you also offer hosting?

Yes, we offer premium hosting for those who want to switch from their current provider or have none at all.