Does your company need a new website? tcr. web design is a web agency that offers services such as web design, web development, SEO, copywriting, hosting, support & maintenance

As a customer with us, you get much more than just an updated look. We devote a great focus on meeting the requirements of a modern website, from technical optimization to user-friendly design. We take you all the way from the first sketch to a new website both quickly and cost-efficient.


Emotions are the first primitive reaction to a decision, often also unconsciously. So in order for your website to be able to evoke interest and be more memorable, an attractive design is crucial.


However, it isn’t enough to just have an attractive design, it also has to be user-friendly. A well-thought-through structure with the right information in the right place enables a lower conversion threshold.


Since more than 50% of the internet traffic comes from a mobile phone, a responsive and mobile-optimized website isn’t longer an option. It’s a necessity if you don’t want to lose potential customers, but also to rank higher with Google.


Regardless of whether you want a static company website, specific campaign pages, landing pages, or a webshop, we develop it according to your wishes. Most commonly in WordPress.

Search engine

We prepare the website and lay a good SEO foundation (search engine optimization). Everything from on-page optimizations, technical conditions, and configuration of Google Search Console.


We leave no one behind and want to be your long-term partner. After launching your new site, we offer a really good support and maintenance package without any commitment period.