The world's most used CMS system

We mainly build all our websites in WordPress, the world’s most used publishing tool / CMS system. About 37% of all websites that exist today in 2020 use WordPress and since it is an open source platform, you can customize and adapt the website to whatever you want. There are tens of thousands of different plugins available and the platform is also safe to use and very search engine friendly.

Vi bygger er nya hemsida i WordPress
Vi bygger hemsidor bland annat i WIX


Cloud-based platform for web development

If you want a simpler alternative to WordPress, we are also building in Wix, a website builder with an all-in-one platform. A user-friendly and easy-to-learn tool, with its own support and web hosting if desired. With Wix you can build both a regular website, a well-functioning webshop or an interactive blog and much more. Several different extensions are available and the tool also offers good opportunities for SEO work.