A good design is good business, it enables a lower threshold for conversion. Everything from the design being user-friendly, clear and attractive are all contributing factors to how the visitor interacts with and assesses the website. Therefore, we devote great importance to the design and base our decisions on best practice.

Responsiv design och mobilanpassad hemsida

Design requirements and responsive design

Responsive web design means that the content on the website adapts to the screen size. On desktops, there is more space to use the width than there is on a tablet and mobile phone, which is much narrower. Therefore, we plan the design of the website to look different depending on what device the visitor uses.

Responsive design is more user-friendly and provides a much better user experience. For example, visitors don’t have to scroll sideways and don’t have to zoom in/ out to read the content on the website in a mobile phone.

Not having a responsive design can be directly harmful. It’s very likely that you will lose visitors because they don’t have the energy nor the time for a cumbersome website that is difficult to navigate and use.

Good design is good business

Convincing & attractive design converts

Emotions are the first primitive reaction to a decision, often also unconsciously. It is therefore important to make a strong first impression and to create a design that convince and engage, without too much surprises. A fine balance between keeping it simple without losing the visitors curiosity.

One of the keys to conversion optimization (CRO) is thus a convincingly attractive design that leads the visitor where you want them.

All the design components such as images, illustrations, color schemes, tonality, navigation, text, buttons and other call-to-actions are strategically placed on the website and play an important role for the whole impression.

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