ViRedo is an authorized accounting firm in Stockholm that wants to make everyday life easier for all small to medium-sized companies & condominium associations.

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Q2 – 2020




So, tell me about the project.

ViRedo was looking for a flexible and adaptive agency that could rebuild their website to better meet their needs. We designed and developed a completely new look based on their graphic profile, with a focus on making the website easy to navigate, user-friendly and modernized.

Since the launch of the new website, tcr has been responsible for maintenance and updates and is happy to be ViRedo’s long-term partner.
New development
UI & UX Design
Content migration
Technical production
3rd party integration

"A perfect match! tcr are always helpful, efficient and listen to our needs. We are very satisfied with both the website and the ongoing maintenance."

Jessica Svensson

CEO & Co-Founder


Portfolio Image - Rétine Retusch

Rétine Retusch.

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Unna baby.

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Bouvin Skincare.

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Standout Capital.

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Åre Sportcenter.

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Optime Vale.

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ET NaturAteljé.