Unna baby.

Unna offers breast milk substitutes and supplementary nutrition which – in addition to meeting high demands regarding composition and nutritional content – are also organic and locally produced.

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Q3 – 2022




So, tell me about the project.

Before Unna’s launch, which took place when they participation in Draknästet, tcr was given the assignment to create and develop a website from the ground up, based on their graphic profile that was already in place.

Unna wanted a platform where they could easily inform and educate about their products and brand, and would also work for Unna’s vision; to inspire more equal parenting and contribute to increased sensitivity and understanding of parents’ different experiences regarding questions about breastfeeding and formula. So we created a blog where you can find quick tips, but also more in-depth, educational and debating articles.
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UI & UX Design
Technical production
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Portfolio Image - Rétine Retusch

Rétine Retusch.

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Bouvin Skincare.

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Standout Capital.

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Åre Sportcenter.

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Optime Vale.

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ET NaturAteljé.

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