Standout Capital.

Standout Capital is a growth-oriented private equity firm with a focus on proven technology companies based in the Nordics, who are facing a digitization journey. Standout Capital was started in 2016 with offices in the middle of Stockholm.

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Q2 – 2022




So, tell me about the project.

Standout Capital needed a new website that they could more easily manage and update on their own, while the website also needed to be renewed from a technical perspective.

A brand new WordPress installation was configured, and we reviewed what content was to be migrated from the old website, what needed to be updated, and what type of new information that needed to be produced. We integrated both Mynewysdesk and Mailchimp into the website and built a dynamic content system for easier management of both their employee- and investment portfolio listing.
UI & UX Design
Content migration
Technical production
3rd party integration
Hosting administration

"To cooperate with tcr. web design has been a pure joy. Tone's work is of high quality and she has demonstrated an impressive ability to deliver results on time. Tone's reliability and competence have really given us security throughout the process. We are very satisfied with her work and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a web agency."

Nathaly Fonseca

HR & Administration, Standout Capital


Portfolio Image - Rétine Retusch

Rétine Retusch.

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Unna baby.

Shaman Kawita.

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Åre Sportcenter.

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Bouvin Skincare.

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Optime Vale.

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ET NaturAteljé.

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