Shaman Kawita.

Kawita is a Swedish Inka Shaman and entrepreneur, with a worldwide customer base. She mixes her Swedish personality and Swedish culture with ancient Inca traditions and invites you to explore Shamanic Healing so that you can find your own answers, to the life you live.

Quick facts


Q4 – 2022




So, tell me about the project

Kawita came in contact with us thanks to one of our previous customers. She had decided to do a complete overhaul and wanted to update her website as well as the brand’s visual identity. The first step was therefore to develop a completely new brand strategy, graphic profile, logotype, and brand tonality. It was important to Kawita that the brand and website were trustworthy, personal, and exuded a sense of luxury.

Both a new domain, hosting, and mail were set up and since launch, tcr has also been responsible for updates and maintenance of the website.
External competence
Copywriter & Brand Strategy – Maria Hanseblad
Brand identity
New development
UI & UX Design
Technical production
3rd party integration
Hosting administration


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Rétine Retusch.

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Unna baby.

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Standout Capital.

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Åre Sportcenter.

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Bouvin Skincare.

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Optime Vale.

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ET NaturAteljé.

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