ET NaturAteljé.

ET NaturAteljé produces handmade leather products for adventures, specially adapted for you and your activities. Made in Dalarna with customers all over Europe.

Quick facts


Q1 – 2020




So, tell me about the project.

This is a project that has grown bigger over the years. From the start, ET NaturAteljé mainly took orders from acquaintances via Social Media but then wanted a simple good looking website to showcase their products.

We designed and developed a new website from scratch in Wix and at the same time developed the brand’s visual identity with nature as inspiration. The website was a success and sales took off, to the extent that a few months later we built a webshop for the most standardized products. A long-term partnership we are very happy for.
Brand identity
New development
UI & UX Design

"Tone at tcr. web design is technically knowledgeable, aesthetic, and amazingly good at what she does. Hire her and you will never let her go. She’s the best!"

Elle Thomée

Founder, ET NaturAteljé


Portfolio Image - Rétine Retusch

Rétine Retusch.

Portfolio Image - Unna Baby

Unna baby.

Portfolio Image - Bouvin Skincare

Bouvin Skincare.

Portfolio Image - Standout Capital

Standout Capital.

Portfolio Image - Åre Sportcenter

Åre Sportcenter.

Portfolio Image - Optime Vale

Optime Vale.

Portfolio Image - ViRedo